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The Hope of Man - Thursday
July 2, 2020

The Hope of Man - Thursday get_app

Published: July 2, 2020

At the end of yesterday’s study, we were able to see the origin of sin in man, but it was then followed by the origin of our hope found in yet another Man... the Man, Christ Jesus. Read 1 Corinthians 15:21-22 again to remind yourself of the singularity of where our hope is found.

Now read Jeremiah 17:5.

  • What kind of man is one who trusts in only his flesh and turns from the Lord?

Read Isaiah 6:5.

  • What was Isaiah’s reaction to seeing the Lord of Hosts?
    (“woe is me, a man of unclean lips”)

To know we need to find our hope in Christ, we need to again see that we are woefully unclean and cursed apart from Him. This will bring about the desperation we need to truly chase after Jesus Christ and follow Him with our lives.

Read Acts 17:26-31.

  • What is God’s purpose in making man to live all over the earth (v.27)?
    (to seek Him)
  • What according to verse 29 is an improper view of God?
    (earthly image/view of Him)
  • Why does the author (Luke) tell us to repent?
    (He will judge the world)
  • How does He judge the world?
    (in righteousness through Christ)

Here we have clear direction to see that Christ is our key or else we will face judgement for our sin. The answer is in front of us to accept or reject Him.

Read Romans 5:6-11.

  • Who did Christ die for?
    (the ungodly – all of us)
  • What does His death do for us if we follow Him?
    (it justifies us and saves us from God’s wrath)

Now go back and read Romans 5:1-5.

  • List what being justified does for us.
    (have peace; obtain grace; rejoice in hope of the glory of God; rejoice in sufferings; produces endurance, character, and eternal hope)

We can live a life RIGHT NOW that rejoices, that endures and that acts out in hope because of faith in Jesus Christ! God has given us, mankind, this blessing to accept and join in. Jesus Christ is truly the hope of glory in God.

Pray a prayer of gratitude for Christ being our hope and for the God who graciously loves us, His creation, in such a way that He continually offers us this hope to accept and join in.

Close by singing or listening to “In Christ Alone with The Solid Rock” by Travis Cottrell.