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The Fall of Man - Wednesday
July 1, 2020

The Fall of Man - Wednesday get_app

Published: July 1, 2020

It is true that Genesis points us to the understanding that we are created in the image of God. While this is encouraging to us, we must not forget that we are an imperfect image because of sin. This was brought about by the choice of man to act contrary to God’s direction.

Read Genesis 2:16-17.

  • What was God’s command to the man?
    (not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil)
  • What would happen if he did?
    (he would die)

Read Genesis 3:1-7.

  • What was the lie the serpent told the woman?
    (you won’t die)
  • Where was Adam at the time (see v. 6)?
    (right there with Eve)
  • Did they die right then?
    (no, but they DID die eventually)
  • Why do you think they chose to disobey God’s command?

God could have made us with an inability to disobey Him. In that regard, we would almost be like robots programmed to do God’s bidding. But He allowed Adam and Eve the choice to disobey Him and He gives us the same choice. The sad part is sin opens our eyes to now knowing good and evil. Often times, we choose evil rather than good. This leaves us out of favor with God and separated from Him, just as Adam and Eve were in Genesis 3.

Read Romans 3:10-18.

  • According to Paul, who in this world is righteous?
    (not one of us)
  • List the ways we aren’t righteous from this passage.
  • What then makes us think we are “good”?
    (we have believed a lie just as Adam and Eve did)

We are fallen. We are daily fighting a conflict in our heart to obey our own desires. Paul even writes about that in Romans 7:14-25. Most likely, you know in your heart when you are sinning and still will struggle to choose what God wants. This is truly the fall of man. But, there is hope!

Read 1 Corinthians 15:21-22.

  • Where is our death found?
    (in our free choice to sin – starting with Adam)
  • Where is our life found?
    (starting and ENDING in Christ!)

Pray today in thankfulness that God has given us the choice and ability to follow Him, but also take some time to repent if you’ve allowed your choice to fall into sinful decisions. God has allowed you the ability to know the difference. And tomorrow we will focus on the hope we can have to live eternally.

Close by singing or listening to "Come Thou Fount" (pay attention to the 3 rd verse).