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God the Father is Provider
June 13, 2020

God the Father is Provider get_app

Published: June 13, 2020

It’s built into us as parents and adults that we need to provide for ourselves and families. We get jobs to earn a wage. We grow our own food in gardens. We do what is needed to have food and a roof over our heads and care for those in our homes. God has placed this desire in us to provide because He is the perfect Provider for us. This points us back to our need of Him! Earlier this week, we saw that God the Father shows His love to us in Matthew 7:11 by giving good things to those who ask Him. This shows His love to us, but also shows His providence in providing us what we truly need to have a relationship with Him. The best gift He provides is our salvation in Jesus Christ.

Read Philippians 4:19-20.

  • What is our “need” that God will supply?
    (yes, it’s basic needs, but ultimately it is our spiritual need that is met perfectly)
  • How does God supply our every need according to verse 19?
    (by His riches in glory in Christ)

Often, we see in our world that we make God the Father nothing more than Santa Claus, the giver of physical gifts. Not only is this abused in the form of people claiming God will provide them physical comforts and wealth, but it also lessens the importance of the Gospel in which true riches are found. We must be careful to not qualify God’s riches into earthly things. Some have physical wealth, but some of the “richest” people you’ll find are rich in spirit yet poor in earthly wealth.

Read Isaiah 41:10.

  • How does God provide for you here?
    (strengthens, helps, and upholds us)
  • Is any of that a physical provision?
    (no, it’s spiritual)

Let’s look at the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13.

  • How does God provide for us here?
    (gives daily bread, forgiveness of sin, the ability in us to forgive others, delivers us from evil and temptation)
  • Does anything here point to us being wealthy on earth?

Read James 1:17.

  • Where does every perfect and good gift come from?
    (God the Father)
  • Say it again – what is the most good and perfect gift we have been given?
    (our salvation in Christ)

Ultimately, the Father is giving us what we need; and what we need most is to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ and follow Him with our lives. We need salvation and the forgiveness of our sin. The good news is we have been given that already! We just need to ACCEPT and walk in it! God is a good Father who gives good things out of the abundance of His riches. An eternity of seeing these riches unfold awaits!

Read the familiar Psalm 23 passage and think about how this shows His provision for us. Speak it out loud how He provides for you. Truly let it sink in just how much He’s given us.

Sing this hymn (“Great is Thy Faithfulness”) to close.