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God the Father is Loving
June 11, 2020

God the Father is Loving get_app

Published: June 11, 2020

When we speak of God the Father, this is the part that honestly brings the most joy or comfort in a lot of people. It’s the perfect love of the Father to His children. Much of what we understand of love is still imperfect because of the imperfection of people. However, God has no such imperfection, and His love shows His authority over all things just as His power does.

Read Matthew 7:7-11.

  • What kind of gifts does the Father give?
    (good things)
  • Why would you give good gifts to your children?
    (to show your love)
  • What is the best gift that the Father has given to us?
    (salvation through Jesus Christ)
  • Given this is the ultimate gift to us, how does this truly show the Father’s love?
    (sacrificial and unselfish just to give us a way to have a relationship with Him – to know Him)

We know that God the Father loves us. This is a common teaching and preaching point. Most of us would be able to recite John 3:16 at the drop of a hat. The Truth of His love is staring at us every time we read Scripture and see the Gospel of Jesus Christ lived out through His life and death. When we truly accept His love, there is an honor waiting for us.

Read 1 John 3:1.

  • How does God show His love for us here?
    (we can be called His children)
  • If you’re proud of your earthly father, why? What details make you proud of him?
    (if you had a father figure role model, you can use this as your example)
  • What, then, makes you proud of being called a child of your heavenly Father?

Being able to call yourself a child of our Heavenly Father is the greatest title we can have here on earth. It’s a status that sets us apart from those who deny Him. We were not born into His eternal love due to our sin. Even though God DOES love the world, eternity with Him comes at a price. That came through Christ’s sacrifice and our acceptance to follow Him forever.

Read Romans 8:12-17 (if you have time, read Galatians 4:1-7 as well).

  • What does verse 15 say we received from the Father if we follow Him?
    (Spirit of adoption!)
  • What does this adoption into His Kingdom allow us to call Him?
    (Abba! Father)
  • What comes with being adopted by the Father?
    (heirs with God and Christ as long as we understand we suffer with Him so that we can be glorified with Him)

Some of you are adopted. Some of you have adopted your child or children. You understand the choice to sacrifice and be a family to one who was not naturally birthed into your family. It’s an amazing Biblical example of what God does for us when He gave us the choice to be adopted into His family through Jesus Christ. He chose us! He CHOOSES us! (John 15:16). We who are claiming Christ as Savior and Lord are walking testimonies of God’s love. We are His children and He has given us good things.

Pray a prayer of thanksgiving today for having the ability and honor to call yourself a child of the Father. Think about the love that He has shown and will show you for the rest of your life. (And then share His love by telling what the Lord has done for you and us all to become His child.)

Close by singing How Deep the Father's Love For Us.