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God the Father is Holy
June 10, 2020

God the Father is Holy get_app

Published: June 10, 2020

Once we get past the reality of God’s authority in creation and our existence, and see how His power has been displayed in the past and our present days, we have to recognize (as much as we can understand the Father) His holiness in all things and His desire for us to be holy. Only God the Father is truly holy. We know that the word holy means “set apart” and that the Father is set apart from everything in our universe. He is truly the only holy and right Being which exists. Let’s take a look at how Scripture unfolds His holiness for us.

Read Isaiah 43:1-5.

  • What is the label which God names Himself to the Jews here?
    (Yahweh and Holy One)
  • How many times did He repeat His name to them? This should emphasize the importance to us that He is holy.
  • Knowing what we know now of His power and authority, what kind of encouragement should that have given the Hebrews? What kind of peace does it give YOU and ME?
    (if He is Who He says He is, we are safe in His care and can trust Him)

Read Matthew 6:9 (first verse of the Lord’s Prayer).

  • What does Jesus emphasize in addressing God the Father?
    (hallowed or holy is Your name)

These are just two passages of Scripture which emphasize His holiness not only to His chosen people, the Israelites, but to ALL things. He is perfect and set apart to do what He deems, and it is and always will be, right and good. We trust in His holiness because He is perfect and good. So how then do we respond to God’s holiness?

Read Leviticus 11:44 and 1 Peter 1:14-16.

  • What is God’s direct request of His people?
    (be holy as I am holy)
  • How then can we be truly holy in all our conduct?
    (draw into relationship with the Father and seek to have His will and holiness be our focus)

Read Leviticus 22:1-3.

  • Why did the Father tell the people to abstain from the dedicated holy things?
    (it would profane His name – discuss what “profane” would mean if you have an extra minute)
  • What was God’s result to someone unclean touching the holy things?
    (they were cut off!)

There is a heavy seriousness to God the Father’s holiness. However... it is not unattainable! Thanks be to God who sent us Jesus Christ as our atonement for sin; we can walk into “being holy as He is holy” because we can place God as our center and focus through Jesus. Those who will not, will face being cut off from Him forever, which is a sobering thought. What a glorious joy and peace that through the reverence of God’s holiness, we too can be “set apart” to serve Him!

Pray for your heart and mind to be set apart and holy as you grow in your understanding of God’s holiness. Take a few minutes to recognize and repent of where you have not let yourself be holy as He is holy.

Close by singing Holy, Holy, Holy (We Bow Before Thee).