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To Seek God’s Will for Trials
May 29, 2020

To Seek God’s Will for Trials get_app

Published: May 29, 2020

Reason 5: To Seek God’s Will for the Trials of Life

Read Matthew 26:36-46.

On the night before Jesus was to be crucified, he sought out time to be alone with the Father.

  • What is the request that Jesus made before the Father in verse 39?

Jesus is referring to drinking from the cup of God’s wrath, which had been stored up for the sins of the world and which was about to be poured out on Jesus.

  • How does Jesus conclude his request at the end of verse 39?
    (not as I will, but as you will)
  • Why do you think Jesus adds this statement to his request?
    (he knows that he needs strength to do the will of God)
  • How does his request change in verse 42?
    (he asks only for the will of God to be done)

Think back to difficult decisions that you have had to make in your life. How might a time of solitude and prayer have benefitted you in your decision-making process?

Close in prayer.