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The Stewardship of Work/School
May 21, 2020

The Stewardship of Work/School get_app

Published: May 21, 2020

We have been more about our own personal reflection for stewardship up to this point. Now we’re going to look at the effects of how we steward our work, or if you’re still a student, our schooling. Not only will this be a personal spiritual endeavor, but it will give a direct witness to others watching us as to how a believer stewards work or school. What a great opportunity to see our work and school as testimony to God!

Read Proverbs 16:1-3.

  • What does being “pure in his own eyes” mean?
    (in our selfishness, we think we’re “right” about everything and “pure”)
  • What does it mean that when we commit our work to God, He will establish our plans?
    (we won’t be working in our own wisdom, but with God’s plan in mind)
  • What does God do when we make Him our focus in our work (or school)?
    (makes it clear in His plans how we should proceed)

Read Colossians 3:23-24.

  • How, then, should we view how to do our jobs (or schooling)?
    (as work unto God)
  • What is God’s response to us when we make work or school about working for God?
    (we receive the inheritance as reward)
  • What is “the inheritance”?
    (life with Christ both NOW and FOREVER)

When we become focused on our work or school as a way to achieve a self-driven goal, we lose the point that God has given us a job and the ability to learn in school in order to bring glory to Himself. While it’s true that we want to earn a living or make good grades and go to college or trade schools in order to be successful on earth, don’t lose sight that the truest reward is our inheritance with Christ. Serve Him with your work and schooling and He can set you on the course that He most wants to use to bring glory to Himself. And when we do this, we bring a testimony with us to be able to share the Gospel hope we have.

On a scale from 1 (being poor) to 10 (being great), how well are you stewarding your work or schooling right now?

Take time to discuss how you can make your work more “work unto the Lord” than you are right now. Pray for insight as to what you can do better in this area. If you have children, discuss with them what are some practical ways to honor God by working hard at their schoolwork and becoming involved in their school activities.

Close by watching this video, a great reminder of how to change our perspective in our work.