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Even More Motives to Serve
May 14, 2020

Even More Motives to Serve get_app

Published: May 14, 2020

Today we will look at two more motivations the Bible gives for us to serve – humility and love. Without humility, we are hypocrites. Without love, we will not endure in our service.

We should serve God with humility.

Read Philippians 2:3-8.

  • According to verses 7-8, how did Jesus humble himself?
    (by becoming a servant and being willing to die on the cross)
  • What, then, does it mean to “have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus”?
    (we too should become humble servants)

In God’s kingdom, there is no one too important to serve. If Christ washed his Disciples’ feet (Jn 13:12-17), then we should never have so much pride as to refuse to serve in the humblest of roles.

We should also serve because of our love, for God and for others.

Read 2 Corinthians 5:14-15.

  • What does Paul say controls us as Christians?
    (the love of Christ)
  • When we are controlled by Christ’s love, what happens?
    (we no longer live for ourselves but for him who for our sake died and was raised; we serve God and others)

Read Mark 12:28-31.

  • What is the greatest command?
    (love God with all you are)
  • What is the second greatest command?
    (love your neighbor as yourself)

The more we love God, the more we will desire to live for him and serve him. The more we love others, the more we will desire to put their interests above our own and serve them. The heart of service must be love. If we don’t love, then we will burn out trying to force ourselves to serve; but, if we have love, that love will compel us to serve God and others. Perhaps the greatest way we can serve God and others is to spread the love of Christ found in the gospel to all the world.

Close by listening to or singing “Facing a Task Unfinished” and consider the service of evangelism to which we are all called; then pray that we would serve in humility and love as we share the gospel and serve in various ways with humility and love.