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Prayer of Confession
April 15, 2020

Prayer of Confession get_app

Published: April 15, 2020

What do you think it means to pray a prayer of confession?

Read Psalm 51.

This is David’s prayer when he came under conviction for his sin with Bathsheba.

How would you characterize David’s attitude in this prayer? (broken, desperate, sorrowful, etc.)

In verse 4, who does David confess that he has sinned against? (God)

Does this mean that he didn’t sin against Bathsheba or her husband? (No; it informs us that all sin is first and foremost against a Holy God.)

List everything that David asks God to do in response to his confession. (Again, it’s a lot.)

Does David demand anything of God? (No; he comes to God in humility.)

What does David confess that he deserves in verse 14? (death)

We are commanded in Scripture to confess our sin to the Lord. David demonstrates a heart of repentance in this passage. When we come to God in confession, as broken and sorrowful sinners, we are walking in obedience to what he has commanded us to do.