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Prayer of Adoration
April 14, 2020

Prayer of Adoration get_app

Published: April 14, 2020

There are at least 4 components of prayer that are common in Scripture, and they spell out the word ACTS. ACTS stands for 1) Adoration 2) Confession 3) Thanksgiving 4) Supplication. Today, we will be looking at prayers of adoration.

What do you think it means to pray a prayer of adoration?

Read Psalm 145.

List as many praises of adoration as you can that David gives to the Lord in this passage. (Warning: there are a lot, but they are good.)

Sometimes we are pretty good about praying for what we want God to do for us – we will talk about that later – but, above all, our prayers should be an act of worship to God for who he is.

Close by praying a prayer of adoration for God.