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When the Kingdom of God is coming? - Friday
August 28, 2020

When the Kingdom of God is coming? - Friday get_app

Published: August 28, 2020

Any of you who have been a parent or a little kid (that pretty much covers all of us! Haha) has uttered this question when taking a trip. It’s especially “fun” when your child starts asking it about 20 minutes into your vacation, but I think we all can relate to it. We ask or hear this question because we want to be at the destination and we’re impatient. Much like that little person in the car, maybe we are impatient to know when the Kingdom of God is coming?

Read Acts 1:4-8.

  • Who was Jesus with and speaking to in this passage?
  • What did they ask Jesus in verse 6? (I’d like to think it was their form of “are we there yet?”)
  • How did Jesus respond?
  • What did He promise them instead of telling them when the kingdom was coming?

I am thankful for the Holy Spirit and that He continues to speak to us in the time of waiting.

Read Matthew 24:33-36.

  • Who is the only one who knows when the return of Christ is happening?

We don’t have any idea when God is going to return Jesus Christ to the earth and usher in His Kingdom and reign. We merely must trust that this will happen. We believe this to be so because we know God’s promises are true and His Word is sure! Pray for patience and be reminded it is our joy to be in the waiting.

Read Romans 8:18-25.

  • What happens to creation as a result of all of “God’s sons being revealed”? (it gets restored and renewed as well!)
  • What are you tired of suffering through right now? Reflect on this, but then celebrate and thank God that this is temporary and look forward to it being gone forever.

Take time after you reflect on your hope and encourage another believer when you see or talk to them. Remind them of the hope they have in Christ and His return.

Watch “ A Mighty Fortress is Our God ”.