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His Kingdom Come - Tuesday
August 25, 2020

His Kingdom Come - Tuesday get_app

Published: August 25, 2020

Let’s continue on today with a little deeper thinking into what praying “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven” from the Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6:10 would mean for us as followers of Christ.

For fun, what do you think is happening in Heaven right now that you would love to see happening here on earth (in regard to the prayer in Matthew 6:10)?

Read Matthew 6:33-34.

  • What are we directed to seek first? (the kingdom of God)
  • Why is it most important for us to seek the kingdom of God first? (keeps us from worry)

Back up a bit and read Matthew 6:19-21, Matthew 6:24.

  • What does Jesus say here that is a warning for us?
    (emphasis placed on where your treasure should be)
  • What does v.21 specifically mean or tell us?
    (our behavior and speech is where our desires lay)

If we will keep our focus on seeking the kingdom of God, we will be focused on seeking God and His will for us. Too often, however, we are not kingdom focused, but focused on the temporary things of this world. This would include even good things like our health, our retirement, our finances in general to pay for things and to care for our family. We must be careful to place God first and seek His kingdom. This would be to place our desire to see Him rule and reign over us in all things as He is doing in heaven.

Now go back again to Mark 6:10.

  • How should we focus our hearts and minds to truly mean it when we pray for this?
  • What do you need to do today to truly desire to see the kingdom of God come?

Pray in a time of repentance and renewed commitment to seek God first and to not be focused on something else before God. If you have allowed another “master” to take away your kingdom-focus, then take this time to regain your focus on Him first.

Watch “ Seek Ye First ”.