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Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath - Wednesday
August 19, 2020

Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath - Wednesday get_app

Published: August 19, 2020

The Sabbath was an important day to God’s people. It reminded them of God’s provision of manna (Ex 16:15-26), how he rescued them out of slavery in Egypt (Deut 5:15), and of a greater rest that would come as they trusted in God. However, this day eventually became burdensome rather than refreshing as religious leaders enforced strict rules against any work being done on the Sabbath. This was the case in the first century when Jesus and his disciples were making their way through certain grain fields on the Sabbath.

Read Mark 2:23-28.

  • Why were the Pharisees upset in verse 24?
  • How does Jesus respond in verses 25 and 26?
    (he points out a time when King David and his men were in need, and it was permitted them to eat the bread of the Presence even though it is that is usually an unlawful action; 1 Sam 21:1-6)
  • What is Jesus’ conclusion in verses 27 and 28?
    (the Sabbath is made for people, not to be burden for people; and Jesus is lord even of the Sabbath)

The life-promoting, refreshing day of Sabbath rest had become a burden for God’s people. Jesus reminds the Pharisees of the intention of the fourth commandment to be a day to rest, rely on, and revere God. It was meant to be a day that gave physical and spiritual rest as it looked forward to a day of true rest. Jesus reminds them of this important aspect; and soon the lord of the Sabbath will fulfill the Sabbath promise of true rest and change the day of worship and the lives of all his people.

Close in prayer, praising God for his good instructions that are for the good of his people and are not burdensome.