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The Sabbath - Tuesday
August 18, 2020

The Sabbath - Tuesday get_app

Published: August 18, 2020

For the Jewish people, the last day of the week was holy. This was based on God’s creation of the world, as we read yesterday. Let’s take a look at how this worked out for God’s people by looking at the idea of sabbath that is found in the Law of God given at Sinai.

Read Exodus 20:8-11.

  • What instruction does God give his people in verse 8?
    (remember the Sabbath and keep it holy)
  • What is the pattern that God sets for his people in verses 9 and 10?
    (work six days, rest the seventh)
  • What reason is given for this pattern in verse 11?
    (God established this pattern at creation; he made all things in six days and rested from creating new things on the seventh day)

The Sabbath was a day that God’s people were to rest, trust God to sustain them, and worship God for all he has done. In other words, they were to rest, rely, and revere. This would set them apart as those devoted to God. While others worked, God’s people rested on God’s promises, looking forward to a day of true rest that was yet to come.

Close in prayer, thanking God for the way he sustains his people.