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Baptized into Christ - Wednesday
August 12, 2020

Baptized into Christ - Wednesday get_app

Published: August 12, 2020

Read Romans 6:1-14.

In the previous passage, Paul is explaining to the church that as sin increased, God’s grace increased. He is teaching the concept that just as sin came into the world through one man, Adam, and death spread to all men, so also the free gift of God’s grace came in and spread to many.

  • In verses 1-3, what does Paul say is the basis for turning from sin?
  • According to verse 5, what is our confidence for our own resurrection?
  • In verse 6, what does Paul say it is that has set us free from sin?
  • How does he refer to the “old self”?
  • What conclusion does Paul come to in verse 11?
  • How does this passage help you in your struggle against sin?
  • What are the two commands that Paul gives in verses 12 and 13?

Close by praying Romans 6:14 as a prayer of thanksgiving to God for the free gift of grace that he has provided for you in Christ Jesus.