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The Wrath of God
April 2, 2020

The Wrath of God get_app

Published: April 2, 2020

This is not our favorite attribute of God to reflect on, but the Bible is clear that our God is a God of wrath. We tend to think of God as being a God of wrath in the Old Testament, but a God of love in the New Testament. Well, the reality is that God never changes. He has, for all time, been a God of wrath and a God of love, and the truth is that man has not yet seen the full expression of God’s wrath. If we look carefully at the Holy Scriptures, we will notice that there are in fact more references in Scripture about the anger, fury, and wrath of God than there are about his love, and tenderness.

Read Psalm 7:11.

  • Based on this verse, what do you think is the source of God’s indignation – or, his wrath, as some translations put it?(The first part of the verse says that God is a righteous judge. As a righteous judge, God hates sin.)

Read Psalm 7:12-16.

  • Based on these verses, who will be the recipient of God’s wrath? (the unrepentant)

Read Psalm 7:17.

  • Based on this verse, how does David respond to the wrath of God? (he worships)

Read Romans 5:6-11.

  • How does this passage help you to rejoice at the wrath of God?
  • In this passage, who took on the wrath of God? (Jesus)
  • What does this mean for those of us who have trusted in Christ? (that we have been saved from the wrath of God)
  • In verse 11 of this passage, how does Paul respond to this truth that Christ has taken the wrath of God for us? In verse 11 of this passage, how does Paul respond to this truth that Christ has taken the wrath of God for us?

Close your time of family worship in a time of prayer using the following prayer from The Valley of Vision:

Act of Approach

"I praise thee continually for permission to approach thy throne of grace, and to spread my wants and desires before thee. I am not worthy of thy blessings and mercies for I am far gone from original righteousness; My depraved nature reveals itself in disobedience and rebellion; My early days discovered in me discontent, pride, envy, revenge. Remember not the sins of my youth, nor the multiplied transgressions of later years, my failure to improve time and talents, my abuse of mercy and means, my wasted sabbaths, my perverted seasons of grace, my long neglect of thy great salvation, my disregard for the Friend of sinners. While I confess my guilt, help me to feel it deeply, with self-abhorrence and self-despair, yet to remember there is hope in thee, and to see the Lamb that takes away sin. Through him may I return to thee, listen to thee, delight in thy law, obey thee, be upheld by thee. Preserve my understanding from error, my affections from love of idols, my lips from speaking guile, my conduct from stain of vice, my character from appearance of evil, that I may be harmless, blameless, rebukeless, exemplary, useful, light giving, prudent, zealous for thy glory and the good of my fellow-men."