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What We Do Corporately - Thursday
August 6, 2020

What We Do Corporately - Thursday get_app

Published: August 6, 2020

God has given us the ability to know Him personally and privately. He tells us to read His Word and to focus on Him privately, but also corporately. We are free to privately focus on God in ways that are helpful to us that might not be as meaningful to others (some like to read more than others, some like to listen to music more than others, some prefer nature more than others, etc.). The question here is “what do we do or what should we do corporately in obedience to Scripture?”

Read Acts 2:42-47.

  • What did the people devote themselves to? (teaching, fellowship, food, and prayer)
  • What was the result of this devotion? (unity, shared all things, needs were met, a daily addition of those being saved)

Read Acts 5:11-14.

  • What was happening here among the people? (signs and wonders)
  • What was the result of these things? (believers were added to the Lord)

These two separate things show the power of the corporate gathering and the unity that results in bringing people to Christ. The number of believers grew as the corporate church devoted itself to the Lord. Now let’s look other corporate gathering events.

Read Acts 14:21-23.

  • What did the church do here?
    (preached the Gospel, encouraged disciples, prayed for and appointed leaders)

Read Acts 14:27.

  • What happened in this gathering? (testimony was given of all God had done with them)

Read Colossians 3:14-15.

  • What is directed in this passage of Scripture?
    (called to be one body, Word dwell richly, sing with thankfulness in your heart)

Read 1 Corinthians 11:23-26.

  • What are we to do corporately here? (Communion or the Lord’s Supper)

Read Acts 2:38-41.

  • What direction is given here? (repent and be baptized)

We have much to do corporately in serving God as a healthy church! Recognize that each activity has the Gospel and sharing this with others as its focus. Pray today that we would not omit anything that God is directing us to do in our corporate gatherings.

Listen to "O Church Arise" by The Gettys.