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Jesus Is the Head of the Church - Monday
August 3, 2020

Jesus Is the Head of the Church - Monday get_app

Published: August 3, 2020

This week, we will be looking at the church, how it is formed and what its purpose is. The Baptist Faith & Message points to the church as both “an autonomous local congregation of baptized believers, associated by covenant in the faith and fellowship of the Gospel” as well as “the church as the Body of Christ which includes all of the redeemed.” Let us see in Scripture how we can have a healthy view of God’s church.

We will often talk about our churches with others. We might even make that a casual conversation with another person to get to know them. We ask, “So, what church do you go to?” or “Do you go to a church?” Where we live, churches are pretty much everywhere. But not all churches are alike. Sadly, some are not focused on what the Word of God teaches but have become a social gathering built on man-made ideology or effort. Social causes, being good to others, programs, and events all have their place in the church, but they should never be the driving force of it, nor should we become followers of the leaders guiding them instead of following God Himself. In order to stay focused on what is true to God’s Word, let’s read what it says about the order of His Church.

Read Psalm 118:21-22 (and Isaiah 28:16 if you have the time).

  • Who is the author speaking of when writes of “the stone...has become the cornerstone”?
    (Jesus Christ)
  • What does a cornerstone do?
    (look up the definition if need be)

Now read Matthew 21:33-46.

  • What happens to those who abused, rejected, or killed the owner’s servants, prophets, and son?
    (v.41 – death, and others enjoyed the fruits of the labor; v.44 – broken to pieces)
  • Who were the people Christ was speaking of?
    (Pharisees and priests)

In any church, we are not guaranteed that Christ is Cornerstone just because it calls itself a church. Even leaders, just like these Pharisees, are subject to punishment if they lead their church to follow a different edict or direction than that of Jesus Christ. He MUST be the focal point and head of the church or else it will suffer the same punishment - being broken to pieces. Here is encouragement, then, to stand firm in Christ.

Read Acts 4:11-12.

  • What is found only in Christ and Christ alone? (salvation)
  • What then should be the constant focus of the church? (Jesus Christ)

Close in prayer today, praying that Christ will constantly be the focus in our church as well as global Church. May we never fix our eyes on what man would think is vital instead of what Christ has declared as vital.