Sunday School

We believe Sunday School is the tool to best create a healthy environment to study God's Word with a small group. We also believe these classes offer a great way to engage and fellowship with like-minded individuals at similar life stages.

Below are the multiple classes that are offered.


Young Adult 1A

Steve and Pam Kyle, interim teachers

Young Adult 1B

Shane Wagner, teacher

- Both of these young adult classes are for married and single adults with or without children (ages run from 20-40+ pending on your life stage)


Young Adult 2

Mac Swindell, teacher

- This class is for middle aged adults and those who typically have older elementary to teenage children (age range is 30-50 pending on your life stage)


Median Adult 1a

Robin Pratt, teacher

Median Adult 1b

Shawn Priddy, teacher

Median Adult 2

Lee Brower, teacher

Median Adult 3

Donnie Robinson, teacher

Median Adult 4

 Albert Starry, teacher

- The Median Adult classes are for those adults who typically have grown kids and are in the 40-60 age range. Often these classes are based on life stages as well.


Senior Adult 1

Jack Robinson, teacher

Senior Adult 2

Coy Troxell, teacher

Senior Adult Ladies

Ken Flaming, teacher

 - All of our Senior Adult classes are for those who are 60+ in age and the age groups are spread out through the three classes. Even though there is a general age range in each class, we leave it up to you to decide which group of people is the best group for you to grow and learn with.